2024-2025 Biennial Budget

2024-2025 Budget in Brief

2024-2025 Budget Development Overview

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One of the primary duties of the Pierce County Council is "to levy taxes, appropriate revenue, and adopt budgets for the County," (Charter, Section 2.20 (1)(a)). The Council adopts a biennial budget by Dec. 1 of each year ending in an odd number. Pierce County uses the biennial operating budget to monitor revenue and expenses, and to improve financial management and strategic planning. 

The budget is the single most important document the Pierce County Council uses to oversee the delivery of services, programs, and resources to Pierce County residents. The budget is the official financial plan for the county. Between biennial budgets, the Council may consider supplemental budgets and other budget changes, such as provisos and companion budget proposals.

The Council began development of the 2024-2025 Biennial Budget process on March 8, 2023, where councilmember members reviewed the biennial budget planning process and began a discussion around American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) appropriations, with a focus on Housing and Homelessness, and budgeting reporting requirements. Budget conversations continued throughout the year, culminating in the adoption of Resolution R2023-106, which established the Council's preliminary 2024-2025 biennial budget priorities. 

On Sept. 19, 2023, Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier presented his proposed 2024-2025 Biennial Budget to the Council, as required by the County Charter. The Council reviewed and amended the proposed budget, with final adoption on Tuesday, November 21, 2023. You can find the adopted budget here.

Budget Priority Areas

Public Safety
Housing Affordability and Supply
Homelessness & Stable Housing
Behavioral Health Systems and Substance Use Disorder
Youth & Young Adults
Economy & Workforce
Infrastructure Needs
Sustainability and Livability

Budget Adoption

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