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Pierce County is creating a Vision Zero Action Plan (VIZO) with the goal of attaining zero fatalities and serious injury collisions among all modes of transportation in unincorporated Pierce County by 2035.  

Pierce County Council Resolution R2022-118 directs the Planning & Public Works Department to prepare a Draft Plan with a goal of presenting it to the Council for consideration by Oct. 1, 2024. 

Pierce County has secured a Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant for creating the Plan and the County Council has authorized additional local funds.

The Vision Zero Action Plan is a data-driven effort that will identify strategies and actions addressing the root causes of fatalities and serious injury collisions. 

VIZO will recommend a multi-faceted approach to improve traffic safety, including revisions to road design and operations, enforcement, education of road users, and specific project recommendations. A lens on equity will help guide implementation in specific areas of the County.

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Contact Information

Shawn Phelps 
Project Manager

Resource Documents

Strategies and Actions
   Analyze collision data from past five years for patterns and trends.
   Conduct broad outreach to the community about Vision Zero efforts, particularly among historically underserved populations.
   Work with school districts, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and other stakeholders to identify gaps in education for road users, both teenage and adult.
   Partner with the Sheriff’s Department to automate driver feedback and enforcement that can lead to increased adherence to traffic laws and diminish dangerous driving behavior.
   Create a Vision Zero Plan that is robust and actionable.
   Examine other County plans and programs for consistency with VIZO recommendations.
   Create implementation strategies for future actions based on VIZO recommendations.
   Propose funding in future budgets and pursue grants to implement Vision Zero projects.
Connect with diverse stakeholders, including a task force specifically for Pierce County’s Plan
Understand past disparities and take action to address needs with community input
Data driven approach: Analyze crash and road system user data for patterns, trends and causes
Design and operational changes –  speed limits and design features, etc.
Work with drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and other active transportation modes to influence traffic safety culture
Focus on high-risk behaviors, personal accountability, and address equitability of enforcement
Include policies in the Plan about enforcement options and supporting policies within the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan
Progress Reporting
Regular updates on progress and outcomes

3rd / 4th Quarter 2023

Grant execution

Hire consultant

External stakeholder kickoff

Public engagement period begins

Begin data collection and materials preparation
1st – 3rd Quarter 2024

Plan preparation

Continued public engagement

Oct. 1 draft plan completed

Beyond 2024

Begin to implement plan recommendations

Monitor results and actions