2023 "I Voted" Sticker Outreach Toolkit

The "I Voted" Sticker is BACK!

Use this toolkit to spread the word about the return of the "I Voted" sticker through your various communication channels. 

Click here to download this toolkit as a PDF. 
Click here to download a flyer to post around your office/facilities. 

Toolkit Instructions
  1. Download the images below that you would like to share on social media. The graphics will open in a new tab - you must right click and select ’save as’ to complete the download. There are sizes and file formats for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 
  2. Copy and paste suggested post messaging (on the bottom of this page). 
  3. Post on your social media pages. You can tag the Pierce County Auditor on each platform and use the hashtag #piercecountyvotes

Facebook Opens in new window Twiter Opens in new window Instagram Opens in new window 

Instagram Downloads

Stickers are back_InstagramStickers are back 3_InstagramStickers are back 2_Instagram

Facebook Downloads
Stickers are back_FacebookStickers are back 3_FacebookStickers are back 2_Facebook

Twitter/LinkedIn Downloads

Stickers are back_TwitterStickers are back 3_TwitterStickers are back 2_Twitter

Facebook Profile Picture Frames

To use these frames on Facebook, click on your profile picture and select "update profile picture". Select the prompt that says "Add Frame". In the search bar, type in "Pierce County" and select the frame you wish to use.  

I Voted Sticker Frame-01I Voted Sticker Frame 3-01I Voted Sticker Frame 2-01

Instagram Story Stickers

To use these gifs/stickers on your Instagram story, search for "Pierce County" in the GIPHY search bar.  


Post Message Ideas
  • The "I Voted" sticker is BACK! Your voice matters, and it's time to celebrate your civic pride! Show your commitment to democracy and take a selfie with the all-new "I Voted" sticker. Be sure to tag the Pierce County Auditor’s office and they just may share your photo to their feed! #PierceCountyVotes
  • Pierce County Elections has brought the “I Voted” sticker back! Every registered voter will receive a sticker in the mail with their ballot for the November 7 General Election. Not registered to vote? It’s not too late! The deadline to register online is October 30. Register TODAY so that you can show off your civic pride! #PierceCountyVotes
  • Ballots for the November 7 General Election will be mailed out on October 20, and something special will arrive with your ballot. The “I Voted” stickers are BACK! It's a reminder that your voice matters, and your vote counts. Show off your civic pride and share your sticker selfies with the Pierce County Auditors Office! #PierceCountyVotes
  • @PierceCountyAud is gearing up for something special to arrive with your ballots! On October 20, watch for your "I Voted" sticker in your mailbox. It's a reminder that your voice matters, and your vote counts. Celebrate democracy and share your sticker selfies! #PierceCountyVotes
  • The “I Voted” sticker is back and will be arriving with your ballot on October 20. But it's more than just a sticker; it's a symbol of your civic pride! Share your "I Voted" sticker selfie with @PierceCountyAud and they just may share it to their feed! #PierceCountyVotes
  • Exciting News! The "I Voted" sticker is BACK! The best part is that they will be mailed with your ballot Every on October 20! Get ready to celebrate democracy and share your sticker selfie with @PierceCountyAud. They just might share your photo! #PierceCountyVotes