Comprehensive Plan - Draft Documents

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  Draft Comp Plan Documents

Our Comprehensive Plan outlines our shared vision for our community’s growth and provides the framework that the County uses to guide day-to-day decisions. Once a decade we adjust this plan to recognize how things have changed and to set new goals for our future.  

As Pierce County grows, we must balance all the things that are important to us. How can we make housing more affordable? What can we do to protect the natural beauty of our environment? How do we ensure that there are enough jobs, parks, and resources for all?

You have the opportunity to tell us how we can preserve and enhance all of the wonderful things that make you proud to call Pierce County home.

Language Accessibility
Please send your comments to [email protected] in the language that is most comfortable for you and we will get it translated. If you would like to receive more information about the Comprehensive Plan in another language please call us at: 253-798-2799 and we will connect you with a staff member and translator.
Pick a path...
As Pierce County grows, we must balance all the things that are important to us.  To better understand the benefits and trade-offs, Pierce County has studied three options for the future. We are looking for your input on a preferred alternative for the future of Pierce County. A selection will be made for each of the below elements related to environment and climate, housing and land use, capital facilities and transportation.

No Action
The County makes no changes, keeping our programs and policies the same while our families continue to grow and people continue to move into Pierce County.

Centers and Corridors
It supports more affordable housing by allowing more homes to be built in the urban areas of the County. It also takes steps to make our transportation more efficient and our community more resilient to climate change.

High-Capacity Transit
This would create dense neighborhoods within a half mile of bus rapid transit lines. It would make bigger investments in different types of transportation and the preservation of rural areas and forests lands to help the county prepare for climate change.
Environment and Climate
Housing and Land Use
Capital Facilities and Transportation
 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

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  How will these changes affect your property? 
Use this mapping tool to identify if your property could be affected by changes in land use and zoning (click on map to enlarge).

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Watch the EIS hybrid comment meeting on January 30th, 2024 at 5:00 PM