Civil Fee Schedule

Note that documents received with incorrect fees will be returned.
Type of Service
Certified or Exemplified Copy Fee (per document)
Civil Appeal Fee, per case
Civil Case Filing Fee
Civil Jury Demand
Counterclaim, Cross Claim or Third Party Claim Filing Fee
Duplication of Court Recording (Tape or CD) - May be in addition to the appeal preparation fee
Ex Parte Fee (pursuant to RCW 36.18.016)
- Default Judgment / Order of Default
- Garnishments: Judgments on Answers, Orders to Pay, Judgment on Answer of Garnishee, Order    of Court Directing Payment of Funds, Default Judgment Against - Garnishee, Judgment and 
  Order to Disburse on Answer of Garnishee, Order Discharging Garnishee, etc.
- Order for Subpoena directed to the Employment Security Office
- Any other Ex Parte process that does not have a filing fee in order to process
Filing Supplemental Proceeding
Filing Writ of Garnishment
Name Change (Additional family members are $218.50)
Petition for Anti-harassment Protection Order Filing Fee
Preparation of Record for Appeal, per case
Small Claim Appeal Fee, per case
Small Claims Case Filing Fee
Small Claims Counterclaim, Cross Claim or 3rd Party Claim Filing Fee
Transcript Fee
Vehicle Impound Filing Fee

Copy Fees

  • 0-3 copies: No charge
  • 4-7 copies: $1
  • 8-11 copies: $2
  • 12-15 copies: $3
  • 16-19 copies: $4
  • 20-24 copies: $5