2024 Rate / Fee / Fare Changes
Several rate, fee, and fare changes are planned in Pierce County in 2024.

Sewer Rates

Starting Jan. 1, Pierce County sewer customers served by the Chambers Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant will see a 4.25% increase in their sewer rates.

Pierce County sewer customers served by the Cascadia Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Tehaleh community will see a 4.45% increase in their sewer rates.

   Ordinance 2023-53

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Solid Waste Rates

The solid waste rates at Pierce County transfer stations will increase by 2.11% per ton for a new rate of $174.84 per ton starting March 1.
Airport Lease Rates and Rental Fees

Starting Jan. 1, the monthly airport Lease Rates and Rental Fees will increase by 5% for those who use the Tacoma Narrows Airport and 15% for those who use Pierce County Airport – Thun Field. 

An additional 12.84% Washington State Leasehold Tax will be added to the rates and fees.

   Ordinance 2023-55

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 Permit Fees
Annual fee adjustments related to permitting will go into effect in 2024.

Applicants can avoid permit fee increases if they apply and pay fees before the effective dates. Pierce County anticipates a rush of applications before the fee changes take effect, so applicants should submit their applications as early as possible. Applicants will be vested for the 2023 fees only at the time of payment, not application submittal.

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The following fees changes are effective Feb. 1:
Impact Fees

School impact fees: These fees will increase by $105 for single-family dwellings and by $55 for multi-family dwelling units consistent with the Construction Cost Index for most of the school districts in unincorporated Pierce County.

   Ordinance 2023-64s

Park impact fees: These fees will increase by $455 consistent with the Construction Cost Index and Building Cost Index, as required by Chapter 4A.20 of the Pierce County Code.

   Ordinance 2023-51s

Traffic impact fees: The base rate for these fees will increase by 2.6% beginning Feb.1. The administrative fee is calculated separately. Learn more at PierceCountyWa.gov/tif
Building Permit Fees

Permit fees based on construction valuation will be calculated based on Building Valuation Data tables published by the International Code Council in August of the prior year.

The tables are updated annually to reflect the current cost of construction in the region.

Pierce County will apply 75% of the valuation in 2024. This adjustment factor will be re-evaluated annually to ensure the cost of processing the permits is covered.
Development Center Processing Fees

Fees were increased, decreased, or remained unchanged to get closer to having the fees fully cover the actual costs of processing land use and development applications. 

Pierce County also consolidated some fee types and eliminated others to simplify, streamline, and reorganize the fees.

   Ordinance 2023-59s

Payment Processing Fee

We have not historically charged any fee for processing credit card and electronic check (ACH) transactions, although Pierce County Code Chapter 2.05.035 currently allows us to charge a $10 processing fee for transactions made via our online permitting portal.

We will be seeking a code change in 2024 that allows us to recover the costs of both online and in-person credit card and ACH transactions in proportion to the actual costs of the purchase.
Sewer Connection Charges

The 2024 sewer connection charges will go into effect on Feb. 1. The changes will be based on the Annual Consumer Price Index Rates for 2023, which was published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Jan. 11.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity and the Basin Area sewer connection charges will increase by 5.80% in 2024.

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Rates
Permit applicants can learn about the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department 2024 fee schedule at tpchd.org/Fees. The 2024 rates are effective Jan. 1.

Pierce County Ferry Fares

Those who ride the Pierce County Ferry will see fares increase 3% over the 2023 rates, effective Jan. 1. The amounts of the increase vary by peak or non-peak season and the ticket type, based on Ordinance No. 2023-58s.

Starting in 2024, ferry fares will include a $1 per ticket surcharge for ferry capital replacement purposes. Fares for youth passengers (ages 18 and under) will be free under the Ferry Youth Fare Reimbursement Program. Riders in this fare class are still required to obtain a ticket to board the ferry. Youth drivers will still need to purchase a vehicle ticket as normal. Learn more at www.PierceCountyWa.gov/NewFares.