Council Initiated Amendments

  Council Initiated Amendments

There is a provision in Pierce County Code that allows Council to propose amendments to the Comprehensive Plan when it is in the process of a major update. More information on the process can be found under Chapter 19C.10- Procedure for Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. 

Council initiated 19 amendments in Resolution 2023-41s. Ten were already related to items within the scope of work of the Comprehensive Plan update and are incorporated in the draft Comprehensive Plan. Nine were not within the original scope of work and can be viewed on this page. 

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The proposed amendments will go through the following process for review:


Environmental Review
Click on the Environmental Determination button under each amendment.

LUAC Review 
for proposals that affect a particular community plan area.
January/February 2024- LUAC Schedule

Planning Commission Review
Tentatively scheduled for April 2024.
Planning Commission Schedule
Council Review
Tentatively scheduled for May 2024 
Community Development and Environment Committee and Council meetings
Council approved amendments will be included in the draft final documents of the Comprehensive Plan.
  How will these changes affect your property? 

Use this interactive mapping tool to identify if your property could be affected by changes in land use and zoning.

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