Set a Court Date

Request a Hearing for a Traffic Infraction

  • If you agree that you committed the violation but would like to explain the circumstances, mark the box on the back of the ticket requesting a mitigation hearing.  This hearing is to explain the circumstances, not to argue that you did not commit the violation.  The District Court will notify the Department of Licensing that you committed this violation.
  • If you believe you did not commit the violation, mark the box on the back of the ticket requesting a contested hearing.  Upon your request, the District Court will provide you with instructions on how to request that the officer or other witnesses be present.
To receive a hearing date, you must either mail a copy of the ticket to the Pierce County District Court at the address below or email your request for a hearing to [email protected] within 15 days of the violation date.  The court will mail you a notice with a hearing date.

Pierce County District Court
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 239
Tacoma, WA 98402

Having a Hearing By Mail

District Court allows you to have a hearing by mail.  You must complete the Hearing by Mail Statement and submit it to the court.  A judicial officer will review your statement and a court order will be mailed to you with the decision.  If a penalty is imposed, you will be given a date the money is due.  If you fail to pay the total amount due, a late penalty of $52 will be added, the case will be referred to a collection agency and the Department of Licensing will be notified.  There is no appeal from a hearing by mail.

Requesting Penalty Reductions

Pierce County District Court has adopted monetary reduction policies on certain infractions.  You may be eligible for a reduction of the original penalty without requesting a hearing.  For additional information call (253) 798-7487 or contact us through Live Chat.  Reduction policies have been adopted for the following traffic infraction violations:
  • Defective Equipment Violations
  • Driving without Mandatory Insurance
  • Expired Vehicle License / Missing License Plate / No Registration Certificate in Vehicle
  • License Not in Immediate Possession
  • No Motorcycle Endorsement
  • No Valid Operator's License with Valid ID
  • Operate Off-Road Vehicle without a Valid Permit
  • Parked in a Disabled Parking Zone / Fail to Display Permit
  • Private Carrier - Fail to Display Valid Medical Certificate

Rescheduling a Traffic Infraction Hearing

If you cannot appear at your scheduled hearing, you must contact the District Court prior to your hearing date either by phone at (253) 798-7487, through Live Chat or by mail.  All written requests must be postmarked on or before the original court date.

If you do not reschedule in a timely manner, $52 will be added to your penalty and the court will notify the Department of Licensing of your failure to appear.  This may place your license in a suspended status until you have paid the amount due.  The court may also refer the ticket to a collection agency.  If your ticket is referred for collection, it is your responsibility to pay all collection costs in addition to all court imposed penalties.

If you have further questions please call (253) 798-7487 or contact us through Live Chat.