Room Confinement and Isolation Reporting

During the 2020 Legislative Session, Second Substitute House Bill 2277 Concerning Youth Solitary Confinement was passed. Beginning June 11, 2020, separating youth and confining them as a punishment or retaliation is prohibited. In recognition of the potential harm caused by prolonged confinement and the demonstrated ineffectiveness for reducing behavioral incidents, the bill further defined the limited instances when room confinement and isolation can be used. 

RCW 13.22.050 requires counties operating a detention facility to compile and report on their website data related to the room confinement and solitary confinement of youth in their custody.

Pierce County Juvenile Court is committed to providing a safe and rehabilitative environment for the young people assigned to our care. We have worked diligently over the last several years to create updated policies aimed at reducing the use of confinement and isolation. We are proud of the Juvenile Detention Officers of Pierce County, who remain committed to safely supporting young people who are temporarily residing in secure detention.    

Disclaimer:  The room confinement/isolation report does not give a detailed description/reason of events that required a youth to be placed on either room confinement or isolation or detailed reasons for continuation of room confinement or isolation.

Annual Data - Room and Solitary Confinement