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Some cases may not be listed here. If you need help finding your court date please contact the court by Live Chat, phone (253)798-7487, or complete the online contact form and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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Attorney's Search - Attorneys can use this search to view cases associated with their bar number. Attorney's can also contact AOC to have their daily court calendar automatically sent via email.

Find My Court Date - To search for a Pierce County District Court hearing date, select "Case Search".  Then select "District and Municipal Courts" for the court level and "Pierce Co District" for the court name.

Search Case Records - Search for Washington State Cases by person name, business name, or case number.  This link is provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts.


Case Records Requests - District Court Only

District Court Case records are records that relate to in-court proceedings, including case files, dockets, calendars, and orders.  Public access to these records is governed by  court rule GR 31, which refers to these records as "court records."

You may request case record information by mail, email, or online using this  form.  Please provide name, date of birth, case number (if known) and date of incident (if relevant).  In your request, please list the specific documents you are requesting, indicate the urgency of your request (if relevant), and if you would like to receive the record by email.  District Court cannot provide case information for Superior or Juvenile Court cases.  If you would like to request information about a Divorce Decree, Dissolution, Child Support, or other Superior Court matter, you will need to contact the court where your case was held.

Administrative Records Request

Administrative records are records that relate to the management, supervision or administration of a court or judicial agency.  Access to these records is governed by  court rule GR 31.1.

To request administrative records, please fill out completely, sign, and submit this form.

Public Records Officer Contact Information

You can submit your request by email, mail, in-person, or  online.

Email [email protected]

Mailing Address:

Pierce County District Court
Attn: Public Records Officer
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 239
Tacoma WA 98402

Phone: (253)798-7487

Fax: (253) 798-6310


You will receive a response with the fees required to complete the request and instructions on how to pay.  Once your payment is received, records will be mailed, emailed, or available for pick up at the Pierce County District Court.  Fee information can be found by clicking here