District Court Records Requests

Case Records Requests

You may request case record information by mail, fax or email. Please provide name, date of birth, case number (if known) and date of incident (if that is relevant). Please state the specific documents that you require.

COSTS: 0-3 copies: No charge.
4 or more copies: $.25 per page. 
$5.00 per certified document.
Audio CD of a Hearing: $10 per CD.

If requesting a CD, please provide the case number and date of the hearing(s) you are requesting. The expected turn around for a CD is 5-10 days. When completed, the CD can be picked up at the District Court counter or mailed to an address provided. After it is received, the CD must be played using a computer. The CD will not play in a car or other audio-only system. 

Please indicate if the record may be provided by email (be sure to provide the email address.)

Indicate the urgency of the request (if relevant).

Mailing Address:
Pierce County District Court
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 239
Tacoma WA 98402

Administrative Records Request

Please direct requests to:

Pierce County District Court
Public Records Officer
930 Tacoma Ave S, Rm 239
Tacoma WA 98402

The request may also be faxed to 253-798-6310.