Status Conference

Both Attorneys

Counsel must confer regarding the status of the case, outstanding discovery issues, need for motions prior to the trial date and readiness for trial. The attorneys should agree, based on the nature of the motion and evidence involved, what the appropriate scheduling of any motions should be in terms of how far in advance of the trial date it should be set and the appropriate briefing schedule. If counsel cannot agree on a date or briefing schedule, this should be resolved by the Criminal Division Presiding Judge (CDPJ).

Status Conference Order

The status conference order must be filled out completely by the attorneys who are assigned to the case, with the defendant present and signing off. Once the parties have signed off; the order will need to be presented to the CDPJ for signature and entry.

Defense Counsel

The defense counsel needs to:
  • Discuss with client and be able to inform the court the status of compliance with release conditions or other programs to which the defendant has been referred
  • Provide to prosecutor information required to be disclosed pursuant to discovery rules (CrR 4.7) and applicable law

What Should Happen at the Hearing

  1. Both counsel should inform the court whether the matter is going forward as a jury trial and advise the court of the status and what, if anything, remains to be done to prepare the matter for trial.
  2. The court reviews the trial date and sets motion date, if needed, after consultation with the court staff about availability of trial and motion dates.

For More Information

For more information about status conferences, please contact the Superior Court's Criminal Administration office at (253) 798-2988.