CD Courts Scheduling Order Instructions

Criminal Divisions

The Superior Court has created three Criminal Division (CD) Courts. The function of the CD courts is to preside at arraignments, omnibus hearings, pleas, sentencings and revocation hearings related to criminal offenses. Motions arising from criminal matters will be heard as time permits. Lengthy motions will be referred to the Criminal Division Presiding Judge (CDPJ) or the Criminal Court Case Coordinator (CCCC) for assignment to a department.
  • Criminal Division 1 is located in Room 250.
  • Criminal Division 2 is located in Room 270.
  • Criminal Division Presiding Judge is located in Room 260.

Step One - Use of Scheduling Order Form

Use the scheduling order form to schedule various criminal case events in only the following CD courts:
  • Criminal Division I
  • Criminal Division II
  • Criminal Division presiding judge
  • Criminal Division probation violation
Examples of these events are:
  • Omnibus hearings
  • Pre-trial conferences
  • Pre-trial motions
  • Status conferences
If this is your purpose go to Step Two for further directions, otherwise continue reading below for additional information. If you are presently incarcerated and requesting a hearing you must take the following steps depending on the status of your case:

Closed Case (Already Sentenced)
Criminal motions must be scheduled before the trial / sentencing department. Address your criminal motion to the trial / sentencing department you were sentenced in as follows:
Pierce County Superior Court
Attn: Department #______
334 County-City Building
930 Tacoma Ave. S.
Tacoma, WA 98402

Pending Case (Prior to Sentencing)

Contact your attorney. This is the most expeditious way to get your hearing set. No ex-parte contact is allowed. Do not send items to the trial department.
  • All material sent to the Court Administrator or Court Administration is routed to the prosecutor and the defense attorney noted on the case.

Outstanding Bench Warrants

Defendants cannot schedule hearings unless they are self-represented. Address your inquiries regarding the status of your case to the Department of Assigned Counsel at:
Attn: Expedited Disposition Unit
949 Market St.
Suite 334
Tacoma, WA 98402

Step Two - Complete the Order

Obtain the criminal scheduling order. Fill in the defendants name and cause number in the appropriate blanks legibly.

Obtaining the Approval Number

To properly docket your case event, you must contact Superior Court Criminal Administration at (253) 798-2988 and press 1 to obtain approval for your chosen date. Approval means the date you selected is available for that proceeding. An approval number will be given to you for entry on the scheduling order which is available from the link shown above.

Step Three - File the Form

All parties, including the defendant, must sign the order. Present the order along with a copy for the prosecutor, to the clerk in courtroom 250 for a judge's signature. Retain a copy for the defendant. When the order is signed by a judge, the case event and date is considered confirmed and will appear on the court's docket. Once the order has been processed by Superior Court Criminal Administration, your hearing date will be confirmed and the original order will then be filed with the clerk's office.