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The Development Center is Pierce County's central location for Building Permits, Land Use Actions, Site Development Permits, Environmental Reviews, Sewer Utility Permits and Fire Prevention Permits.
  1. Adoption of 2021 Building Codes postponed to March 15, 2024

    Adoption of the 2021 Washington State Building Codes has been postponed, with an anticipated effective date of March 15, 2024. Adoption of 2021 Building Codes postponed to March 15, 2024
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Visiting the Development Center

   Walk-ins are welcome during business hours
   Bring required documents and your patience
   We also have a drop box for appeals, legal documents, financial guarantees or any other printed documents.
Applicant Attestation Required for All Projects
Pierce County Code requires all applicants to confirm they have permission from the property owner to apply for permits.

All Applicants Must Complete and Sign the Applicant Attestation
Applicant Attestation

If the applicant is NOT the property owner, they must have the property owner sign either the Property Owner Consent form or the relevant application (Master, Residential Building, etc.)

Both completed forms should be uploaded with the rest of the required application submittal documents. If there are multiple applications, this information only needs to be submitted once per project.

For large projects with multiple applicants, property owners may authorize a list of agents in a letter. Please contact us to learn more.
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Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.*

*On Thursday and Friday, some staff will not be onsite. Instead, you will meet with them via a virtual meeting from one of our conference rooms.

Pierce County Annex East Entrance
2401 S 35th St. Tacoma, WA 98409

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Apply for a Permit
Steps to help ensure a successful application process:
  Research the Parcel

General information (zoning, jurisdictions, prior permits)
Natural environment (open space, shoreline, moratoriums)
Possible site constraints (wetlands, hazard areas, flood zones)
Parcel Research Tools

Tacoma Pierce County Health Department (you'll need this information if your parcel is serviced by a septic system)
Septic As-Built Lookup

New to applying or brainstorming a new project? Submit your site plan and basic project details at "Ask the Development Center," and our staff will send tailored information about application requirements to help get you started.
  Gather Submittal Items

Look up forms by the type of project you want to build, or search through the complete list alphabetically.
Find by Project Type

All Forms (A to Z)

  Create Site Plan

A site plan is a vital part of the permitting process. Submitting an incorrect site plan can lead to lengthy delays in your path to permitting success.
Site Plan Resources
  Submit Application

Upload PDF versions of your submittal materials. We will contact you within a few days with instructions for completing the process.

Applicant Attestation form must be included with your submittal.

At the Development Center
Visiting the Development Center

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  Gather Submittal Items

Look up the status of an application.
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Fast Track Permitting
Save money and time on your deck, detached carport or similar detached structure project with our new Fast Track Permitting. This feature allows you to choose from pre-designed plans with no engineer or architect required. Simply use one of the fillable forms to design to your specification, then submit with your building permit application. A completed form serves as your submitted plan. Please note that a site plan is still needed with your permit application.

Schedule a Virtual Meeting or Inspection
Virtual Meetings
Know who you need to see and how we can support you?

Use the Customer Meeting Menu to:

  • Choose staff from different areas of expertise as you need, and
  • Decide if you would like that staff person to make a site visit, or write you a letter.
The length of your meeting and associated fees will depend on the complexity of the project and the number of staff you'll need to see.

Fees will only be charged for the services you request.

Meeting fees will be credited toward your development application as long as you submit your permit application within 12 months of the meeting date.

Customer Meeting Menu
Virtual Inspections
A virtual inspection allows the inspector to remotely view the site using a webcam controlled by the inspectee.

A virtual inspection allows the inspector to remotely view the site using a webcam controlled by the inspectee.

To participate, you will need internet access and a portable video streaming device (like a smart phone).

Types of Virtual Inspections Allowed:

  • Water and furnace replacements
  • Footings and foundation additions
  • Insulation
  • Re-inspection and final inspections
To schedule a virtual inspection, call (253) 798-2769.
Learn About Fees
Construction permit fees which include fees for building, plumbing, mechanical, and similar construction related permits are issued by the Building Official. This reference sheet lists applicable codes for the different fee types.

Types of Fees

Land Use and Planning Fees

School Impact Fees

Traffic Impact Fees

Fire Prevention Bureau Fees

Impact Fee Deferral Program