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Property Tax Foreclosure Auction



CAUSE # 23-2-07344-0 AND CAUSE # 21-2-05792-8 FOR PARCEL 7850001062 ONLY

Public notice is hereby given that pursuant to a tax Judgment of the Superior Court of the County of Pierce in the State of Washington, and an order of sale duly issued by the court, entered the 6th day of October, 2023, and the 20th day of September, 2021 in proceedings for foreclosure of tax liens, I shall on the 14th day of November, 2023, commencing at 8:30 a.m., Pacific Standard Time, at, sell the property to the highest and best bidder to satisfy the full amount of taxes, interest and costs adjudged to be due. Prospective bidders must deposit $1,000.00 to participate in bidding. A deposit paid by a winning bidder will be applied to the balance due. However, a winning bidder who does not comply with the terms of sale will forfeit the deposit. Deposits paid by nonwinning bidders will be refunded within ten business days of the close of the sale. Payment of deposits and a winning bid must be made by electronic funds transfer. In the case of an online public auction sale by electronic media as provided in Revised Code of Washington 36.16.145, a winning bidder is allowed no less than forty-eight hours to pay the winning bid by electronic funds transfer.

Parcel List (PDF)

Household income limits increasing for 2024 property tax exemptions 

 The State Legislature has greatly increased the income threshold for Senior and Disabled property tax exemptions, beginning with the 2024 tax year.

In Pierce County, the maximum household income limit will increase considerably to $64,000 per year (based on 2023 income). Those with incomes under $55,000 and $46,000 will see even greater property tax reductions.  You must apply to the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer, supplying all required information, to begin receiving this tax reduction.

Since all senior or disabled taxpayers currently receiving an exemption have reported an income under $46,000, they will automatically be moved to the lowest income tier, qualifying them for the maximum exemption allowed by law.

“These new limits will allow thousands more homeowners who are either over age 61, or fully disabled at any age, to qualify for significant reductions in taxes on their primary residence,” said Mike Lonergan, Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer.

Applications should be submitted online using a fillable form with scanned attachments.  You can apply as soon as you’ve received proof of your 2023 total income.  Proof includes year-end statement s and 1099s) for all forms of income, and your 2023 Federal income tax return, if filed. When you are ready to apply, click on this link:  Senior/Disabled Exemption Application

Residential Property Values Drop Three Percent

The latest assessed values for residential and commercial properties throughout Pierce County have been mailed to taxpayers and posted on this website, for lookup either by address or parcel number. 

“Home values in all parts of our County have leveled off from the high-water mark of last year, and in most cases decreased slightly,” said Mike Lonergan, Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer. Countywide, the average single-family home decreased in value by 3.1 percent this year, dropping from $572,100 to $554,500. 

Lonergan cautioned homeowners not to conclude that a decrease in value will result in much more than a minor tax decrease next year. That’s because state law allows each taxing district to increase their property tax revenue by one percent annually without a vote of the people. Instead, values are used to determine each property owner’s fair share of total taxes collected. 

“Your property tax in 2024 will be the new 2023 value multiplied by the combined tax rates of your school district, city, fire district and other local districts, plus the statewide school levy that everyone pays,” Lonergan explained. “So a lot depends on public votes such as levy lid lifts and bond issues.” 

The change in property value varies in different communities, based on actual sales of similar properties. 70 percent are down, and 30 percent stayed the same or inched up. “The largest drops in value are around five percent in Tacoma, Ruston, Spanaway, Eatonville and Roy,” said Lonergan. Milton had the largest value increase at three percent. 

Most commercial properties showed moderate value increases over last year, with retail and office space up around five percent, while motels and warehouses increased ten percent. All value changes represent the period from January 2022 to January 2023 and will be used to calculate 2024 taxes. 

This year County appraisers visited nearly every house in Tacoma, while values in other areas were based on sales of similar homes. During the summer months they are inspecting all new construction in Pierce County and adding its value to the tax rolls. 

Any property owner who believes the Assessor-Treasurer has over-valued their property may appeal to the Pierce County Board of Equalization at no cost. The appeal must be filed no later than August 22, 2023, providing evidence that comparable properties have sold recently at a lower amount.

Senior Citizens and Citizens with Disabilities Exemptions

Pierce County has expanded the ability for senior citizens and citizens with disabilities to receive a property tax exemption.

Learn more here.

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