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Residential Property Values Take Another Big Jump

The latest assessed values for residential and commercial properties throughout Pierce County are in the mail to taxpayers and posted on the Assessor-Treasurer’s website.

“Home values in all parts of our County continue to increase dramatically, typically by a startling countywide average of around $80,000 each in the past year,” said Mike Lonergan, Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer. Overall, residential properties went up over 19 percent this year, compared to 16 percent in 2021, due to a continued hot real estate market.

Lonergan cautioned homeowners not to jump to the conclusion that a large increase in value will result in a large tax increase, because state law limits the amount taxes can go up without a vote of the people. “It’s a math equation,” he said,” and when values are rising, the legal limits on each taxing district will reduce their tax rates per thousand dollars of value.”

“Your property tax in 2023 will be the new 2022 value multiplied by the combined tax rates of your school district, city, fire district and so forth, added to the statewide school levy that everyone pays,” Lonergan explained. “So a lot depends on public votes in your local districts, such as levy lid lifts and bond issues.”

While home values are all up sharply, the change varies in different communities, based on actual sales of similar properties. “The 18.4 percent increase in Tacoma was near the County average, bringing the typical Tacoma residence to $493,000, an increase of $77,000,” Lonergan explained. “By contrast Edgewood’s increase was the lowest at 12.9 percent, or $69,000, for an average 2022 residential value of $604,000.”

As COVID-19 restrictions eased, most commercial properties showed slight value increases, with the exception of hotels which remained unchanged. Retail, restaurants and office space each went up around five percent, while apartment buildings and warehouses both showed another year of double-digit increases, due to continuing demand for affordable housing and online ordering/distribution.

Any property owner who believes the Assessor-Treasurer has over-valued their property may appeal to the Pierce County Board of Equalization at no cost. The appeal must be filed no later than August 23, 2022, providing evidence that comparable properties have sold recently at a lower amount.

Pierce County 2022 Residential Property Values

City / TownPrior Year 
 Average AV
Current Year
Average AV
Dollar Change 
 in AV
BONNEY LAKE$494,748$589,301$94,55419.1%
GIG HARBOR$594,856$715,833$120,97720.3%
GIG HARBOR PENINSULA$695,278$865,753$170,47524.5%
KEY PENINSULA$273,586$335,200$61,61422.5%
SOUTH HILL$439,054$525,577$86,52319.7%
SOUTH PRAIRIE$269,202$329,092$59,89022.2%
UNIVERSITY PLACE$527,228$633,975$106,74820.2%

Appraisers Visit Every Property in Pierce County to Keep Taxable Values Fair and Equitable
Field Appraisers Front Opens in new windowField Appraisers Back Opens in new window

Once every six years, an appraiser from the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer’s office is required by State Law to inspect every parcel of real estate in the county. It’s no small job, because there are over 325,000 parcels and only 30 appraisers. Their goal is to confirm our records, note any changes in condition of buildings, views, etc. and take a current exterior photo. 

This year our residential appraisers are visiting every home in the far south and east portions of the county, including Roy, McKenna, Alder, Elbe, Ashford, Eatonville, Orting, Carbonado, Wilkeson, South Prairie and Buckley. If they have a question, they may knock on your door or leave a card requesting a call. 

Our commercial appraisers work in all parts of the county every year, visiting one-sixth of the business properties in each part of the county annually. During June, July and August, all residential and commercial appraisers will shift their focus to inspecting all new construction and additions to buildings throughout the county. 

Wherever they go, our appraisers are driving white cars with Pierce County markings and they are wearing identifiable clothing and official ID badges. They gather property information and take photos using digital tablets, and may use laser measuring devices to confirm building dimensions. Since their car is their “office,” you may see them parked in your neighborhood while making data entries. 

The information collected by our appraisers is used to assure that the value of every property is correct when we calculate each property owner’s fair share of taxes for schools, fire districts, cities, roads, parks, libraries and other government services. If you have a question or concern about our work, you will find lots of valuable information on this website, or you may call the Assessor-Treasurer’s office at 253-798-6111.

Mike Lonergan

Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer

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