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South Sound 911 accepts text messages sent to 911 from all wireless carriers.

Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) Presentations

About the 911 Program Office

The overarching goals and objectives of the 911 Program Office are to:

  • Ensure that all residents have reliable access to 911 services.
  • Sustain all 911 call processing systems in Pierce County through upgrades and maintenance.
  • Plan for the future improvements and security to the 911 system, including Next Generation 911
  • Provide public education to Pierce County residents on 911 services.

The 911 Program Office provides long-term planning and support to the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) of Pierce County. This is accomplished through coordination of networking and equipment resources with vendors, PSAPs, network service providers, wireless carriers, geographic information systems and spatial services, cyber-security information and monitoring vendors. The Program is also responsible for the maintenance and updates to the Master Street Address Guide, which is a crucial component in the proper routing of 911 calls to the correct 911 call center.

The Program Office staff also participate on multiple committees that serve to set the technical and operational standards for PSAPs both within the State of Washington and across the nation.

Request 911 Outreach

  • Elementary School Curriculum
  • In Case of Emergency Handout
  • Practice Dialing 911
  • Public Education Manual
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