Buildable Lands

Buildable Lands Program

The Buildable Lands Program is an ongoing review and monitoring system required by the Growth Management Act (GMA). The County is the entity required to establish and oversee the program and coordinate Pierce County’s 23 cities and towns.

The County, in coordination with its cities and towns, is required to collect development data annually and provide a report on observed development and future capacity within the urban growth area (UGA) prior to the next GMA comprehensive plan periodic update.

Requirements and Resources

Buildable Lands Report

The 2021 Buildable Lands Report (Fourth Edition, Published 9/30/2021) fulfills the ongoing reporting requirements stipulated in RCW 36.70A.215, referred to as Buildable Lands legislation.

The results of the 2021 analysis concludes that collectively, among all the jurisdictions, there continues to be an adequate amount of vacant and underutilized land to accommodate the adopted urban housing and employment targets for the County and its cities and towns.

A Consistency Evaluation using the data from the 2021 Buildable Lands Report and the 2044 adopted growth targets (currently being developed) will be published within 1 year of the Report.

2021 Buildable Lands Report Process

The 2021 Buildable Lands Report process began in 2018 and concluded in August 2021, with a publish date of September 30, 2021. It was funded by grants from the Department of Commerce and the work was completed by County staff, AHBL, and ECONorthwest.

Thank you to the cities and towns for your support and participation in providing data, reviewing materials, and editing as necessary to reflect the conditions of your jurisdictions. Thank you to stakeholders for your continued interest and input on the report and program. With all of your support, the results are better informed.

Other materials used in the 2018-2021 report development process are provided to the right.

Other Working Materials

Contact Information

Jessica Gwilt, Senior Planner | (253) 798-6924 | [email protected]

Dan Cardwell, Senior Planner | (253) 798-7039 | [email protected]