Disaster assistance for residents

When a disaster strikes Pierce County, and it is large enough to affect hundreds or thousands of people and cost millions of dollars, the President may declare it a federal disaster.  This allows federal dollars to be used to assist affected residents in the disaster area.

Report your damages
This federal money is intended to help those whose property has been damaged or destroyed and whose losses are not covered by insurance. After a disaster, Pierce County will ask you to report damages to your home. Online form: Resident Damage Report Form

Other help available

Pierce County Emergency Management also coordinates the Disaster Survivors Advocacy Team (DSAT) to help residents who may have needs that aren't being addressed by the FEMA programs.

How you can help disaster victims

Many people who weren't affected by the local disaster want to aid those that were less fortunate. Two ways to help are to donateand to volunteer.

More FEMA assistance programs

Additional information on other FEMA programs to help disaster survivors can be found on the FEMA Assistance website.