Gig Harbor

Community Plan

The Gig Harbor Peninsula Community Plan was initially adopted on March 12, 2002.  Community Plans are a part of the Comprehensive Planand provide a more detailed sense of how the community wants the area to develop in the future.

The Community Plan is located in that portion of Pierce County located west of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, north to Kitsap County and east of Burley Lagoon and the Purdy Bridge.  Fox Island is also included in the plan area. 

The community plan provides a framework for consistent land use standards in the UGA for both Pierce County and the City of Gig Harbor.

   Gig Harbor Community Plan

Gig Harbor Peninsula Community Plan Vision Statement

The Gig Harbor Peninsula Community Plan is intended to provide for the planned and orderly growth of the Gig Harbor Peninsula. In keeping with the desires of the majority of its citizens and without depriving landowners and/or residents of the reasonable use of their land, the community plan will:

Gig Harbor Vision
Gig Harbor Peninsula Map