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The Mid-County Community Plan was most recently updated by Ordinance No. 2020-97s2 effective October 1, 2021. The page will be updated when the changes become effective. Please see the Community Plan Updates page for more information on pending legislation.

Community Plan

The Mid-County Community Plan and implementing regulations were initially adopted by Pierce County on December 6, 2005 (Ordinance Nos. 2005-93s and 2005-94s2). Community Plans are a part of the Comprehensive Plan and provide a more detailed sense of how the community wants the area to develop in the future.

Mid-County is made up of small, distinct communities including Summit-Waller, North Clover Creek Collins, and Summit View. While a small portion of the eastern plan area is located within the County’s Urban Growth Area boundaries, the majority of the plan area is rural in character with agricultural activities, hobby farms, and low density rural residential housing.

Mid-County Community Plan Vision Statement