Communications Systems Division

VHF Overlay Cutover Project Update

In support of South Sound 911’s request to improve the VHF communication system for mutual aid, Pierce County has implemented a new VHF Mutual Aid system that consists of 4 narrow band channels: fire station alerting, fire mutual aid, Law Enforcement Radio Network (LERN), and mutual aid channel for all first responders.

Learn more about the VHF Overlay Cutover Project.

Single County Wide Communications System

The Communications Systems Division maintains the radio communications infrastructure used by the Combined Communications Network, electronic emergency equipment, traffic radar, closed circuit video cameras/monitors and associated equipment throughout Pierce County, including the Sheriff's Department and Public Works. The Division is comprised of 3 Sections:

  • Installation Section
  • Technical Section
  • Administrative Section

The overall responsibilities of the Division include acquisition, installation, repair and preventative maintenance of all radio equipment and systems. This ranges from the portable radios used by first responders and other government employees, the mobile radios installed in vehicles, and extends to the 24 sites that comprise the Single County-Wide Communications System and the 96 links that make up the Microwave backbone.

The Division acts as a liaison with other government and private entities to ensure coordination and to protect against radio frequency interference in communications systems. In addition, the Division maintains appropriate licenses and insures the system meets or exceeds all local, state, and federal requirements.

Radio tower
Law Enforcement Radio Work Orders

Radio Communications can schedule your police vehicle radio installation/update online.