What is the SWM Utility service charge used for?

- Identifying, designing, and constructing projects to reduce the risk of flood damage and to improve water quality - Working to prevent further impacts to floodplains and natural waterways through regulations, property acquisition, education and outreach, and other methods - Inspecting and providing technical assistance for more than 2,200 private and public stormwater facilities - Collecting water samples and tracking water quality trends to help protect stream, drinking water, swimming areas, and shellfish beds from polluted runoff - Maintaining levees along the Puyallup, White, Carbon, and Nisqually Rivers - Responding to more than 1,000 customer service calls per year regarding flooding, water pollution, and drainage problems - Coordinating salmon recovery efforts in Pierce County 

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1. My property doesn’t flood and isn’t anywhere near a stream or river. Why do I have to pay this service charge?
2. How did the SWM service charge change in 2021?
3. What is the SWM Utility service charge used for?
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7. Why has the service charge increased over the years?
8. How is the SWM Utility service charge determined and collected?
9. Who is responsible for paying the SWM Utility service charge?
10. How are the service charges calculated?
11. What is impervious surface and why is it used to set SWM Utility service charge rates?
12. Is the SWM Utility service charge deductible on my federal income tax?
13. What if I disagree with my SWM Utility service charge?
14. Where can I get more information?