Why is this project being done?
The existing 30-inch diameter Brookdale interceptor is nearing its capacity of 7 million gallons of wastewater per day. In addition, high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas from naturally occurring bacteria have corroded the inside of the pipe. Groundwater also infiltrates the sewer pipe, reducing its capacity to carry wastewater.

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1. How long will construction last?
2. Why is this project being done?
3. What will the construction consist of?
4. What are the traffic impacts during construction?
5. I live on the project route, are there any impacts to my property?
6. How will I know what the “limits of construction” are for this project?
7. What are the hours of construction and will there be odors, noise or dust?
8. Will my utilities or other services be interrupted during construction?
9. Are there impacts to access of emergency responders and mail delivery?
10. Who is the project contractor?