What are the traffic impacts during construction?
The expansion project is projected to temporarily add an estimated 400 workers at the peak of construction beginning in December of 2013. A turn lane will be added on Chambers Creek Road at 64th Street West in University Place to relieve traffic congestion at the intersection. Construction began on Aug. 15 and is expected to be complete in the beginning of September.

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1. Why is this project being done?
2. How long will construction last?
3. What will the expansion project consist of?
4. What are the traffic impacts during construction?
5. Will there be noise or odors?
6. Will sewer services be interrupted during the construction?
7. Will I still be able to purchase SoundGRO fertilizer?
8. Can I take a tour of the treatment plant?
9. Who is the project contractor?
10. Who designed the project?
11. What is the total cost for the expansion project?
12. Where do I sign up to receive updates?
13. Where can I find information on employment opportunities?
14. Who should vendors contact?