Are there any sight/obscuring fence/wall requirements?
5. Sight-Obscuring Fence/Wall (Fence Level – F1). The F1 standard provides a tall and complete visual separation. This standard is applied in special circumstances where complete screening is necessary to protect abutting uses where landscape screens are impractical in that: there is inadequate space for a full landscape screen; noise protection afforded by walls and fences is greater than what is provided by a vegetative screen; or when a lower intensity use locates adjacent to an existing higher intensity use.
a. Fences and walls shall be 6 feet high and 100 percent sight obscuring.
b. Sight-obscuring fences and walls can be constructed of wood, metal, bricks, masonry, or other permanent material. A combination of fence and wall is permitted.
c. The fence/wall shall be installed along the lot line, except that space can be provided to accommodate proposed landscaping.
d. When using the F1 standard along road rights-of-way, the fence/wall shall comply with sight distance requirements of Title 17B.

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