Instructions for Issuance of Out of State Subpoenas
Pursuant to the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act (ACT).
The act creates a uniform mechanism by which litigants may present to the clerk of a court located in the state in which discovery is sought with a subpoena issued by a court in a trial state. Once the clerk receives the trial state’s subpoena, the clerk will issue a subpoena containing the same.
The following instructions are used in an existing out of state case when a Pierce County deposition subpoena is needed. Please include the following with your packet.
1. Letter of instruction to the Clerk of Pierce County Superior Court.
2. A copy of the issued trial courts subpoena.
3. A Subpoena for Pierce County Clerk to issue.
The subpoena must:
(a) Incorporate the terms used in the foreign subpoena; and
(b) Contain or be accompanied by the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all counsel of record in the proceeding to which the subpoena relates and of any party not represented by counsel.
4. Pierce County Issuance fee of $20.00 per subpoena issued.
5. Self addressed stamped envelope for return of issued subpoenas.
6. Submit all documentation to Pierce County Clerk’s Office, 930 Tacoma Avenue South, Rm 110 Tacoma, WA 98402.

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