What is the Health and Community Building concept?
A concept under consideration may provide new homes for some county employees and two independent government agencies, South Sound 911 and Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.

The proposed concept includes the sale of the Health Department building occupies, Pierce County’s Sound View building to South Sound 911. The County would use the proceeds from the sale to raze the Health Department and Sound View buildings, as well as the old Puget Sound Hospital. Pierce County would purchase an existing building across Pacific Avenue to house the Health Department and Community Connections. In addition, we would relocate about 24 employees from the Sheriff’s department who currently work in the Sound View building. The Health Department would be a tenant in the County-owned facility.

The highlights of the concept under consideration are:

  • The County would eliminate a costly lease for Community Connections’ downtown location

  • The Health Department would vacate a building in need of significant upgrades and repairs and remain in a location familiar and convenient to its customers and clients

  • Some complementary work of the Health Department and Community Connections would better serve its customers

  • The Lincoln District would no longer have to deal with the crime associated with the abandoned hospital

  • South Sound 911 would be able to move forward and build a new operations and Emergency Operations Center facilities.

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1. What is the Health and Community Building concept?
2. Why is this necessary?
3. Where is the money coming from to do this?
4. What happens next?
5. When would the buildings be razed? Are there any environmental impacts to consider for local residents?
6. What about increased traffic to the area?
7. What if the concept does not work out? What happens to South Sound 911?
8. Is this a way to evade the decision of voters last fall?