What information is included in the Equity Note?

The Equity Note is a series of questions that help Pierce County staff evaluate potential impacts on equity of proposals going before the County Council. These questions are grouped into six parts:


This section includes a brief description of the proposed action or policy, the desired outcome, and connections to other policies or services. It serves to provide decision-makers with a clear and concise description of the action or decision at hand while considering the information presented in the other portions of the Equity Note.

Appointment Resolution

This section is only applicable if a proposal is a resolution appointing or re-appointing a person to a committee or board. It provides decision-makers with a clear and concise description of how the individual was identified and selected.


In this section, staff are prompted to describe how opportunities to further equity were identified in the development of the proposal using both quantitative and qualitative data. 

Target Population 

In this section, staff consider residents impacted by the proposal. This section provides information about the scope and impact of the proposal, both geographically and by population characteristics. 


In this section, staff identify how impact can be measured and monitored. Developing mechanisms for collecting this data and evaluating progress will help measure whether equity is being advanced. 

 Additional Considerations 

Because the Equity Note is a flexible tool, designed to be useful across all County proposal development, there may be additional information that a Department feels is relevant to County Council when they consider the proposal and its impact on equity. This is an open-ended question that provides staff an opportunity to expound or reiterate upon impacts that the proposal may have on equity. 

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