Why should taxpayers pay for this?

The per unit cost will be about half the cost of typical public housing and most of the revenue needed for the project will come from private donations, not taxpayers. For every homeless person lifted permanently off the streets, there is a significant savings in the costs of law enforcement and medic contacts and emergency room visits.

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1. What is a community village?
2. Why should taxpayers pay for this?
3. Is the County going to manage this?
4. Will you have security at the village?
5. Will there be any restrictions on the residents?
6. What kind of services will be available for village residents?
7. With CFV being a county co-led project, will the village comply with all applicable county, state and federal land use and environmental law?
8. There are clearly a lot of wetlands in and near the site. How are you going to protect them and the wildlife inhabiting the area?
9. Won’t the property values near the site be negatively impacted by the village?
10. Won’t the village become a magnet for crime and drug selling?
11. Spanaway already has more than its share of problems with homelessness and crime. Isn’t the village going to make things worse?
12. Your original proposal indicated the residents would be served by septic, and not a sewer. Shouldn’t you connect to the sewer to protect wetlands, groundwater, and nearby Spanaway Lake?
13. Aren’t you going to just isolate the formerly homeless living there? Won’t they be unable to get the help they need?
14. Will you admit those with a criminal background?
15. How can you put that much residential density on roughly 21 acres? Aren’t you violating land use laws?
16. How many people will you house
17. Why are you building free housing for homeless people?
18. How big is the village? How much land is it going to use?
19. How can I ask questions or register a concern?
20. I think this is a great idea – how can I get involved?
21. Why was there not a vote on this village prior to developing a site plan?
22. Why doesn’t the County build the village on the vacant K-Mart site on Pacific Highway in Spanaway instead of the current proposed site?
23. What will this do to traffic in the area? Where will everyone who works or lives there park?
24. This site is close to JBLM and is in a very loud area, which doesn’t seem therapeutic for recovery. Why was this place chosen over the other options?
25. I heard that the Pierce County Village project has already gone through a SEPA process and the County’s SEPA official issued a Determination of Nonsignifance (DNR) for the project. Is that true?