What is Swoon?

Swoon is a new interactive public art structure located in the Central Meadow close to the Chambers Creek bridge entrance. This is a permanent structure for the public to place locks (or commonly known as “love locks”) onto. The metal poles are a representation of the natural environment of the grass swaying in the wind at Chambers Creek Regional Park and are designed in a way to capture the industrial history of the site. 

 We ask that you do not climb, hang from, or bend the reeds in order to place a lock. Please don’t use a lock to connect multiple reeds or add string or other materials to connect reeds. Locks are meant to stack vertically on top of one another. The County reserves the right to remove locks that are deemed unsafe or damage the artwork.  Locks will be properly recycled. 

The new key receptacles are a permanent solution for you to “throw away the key”.  In the past, keys have been tossed into the Puget Sound which pose a threat to marine life and the environment. Please use the key receptacles and protect the local marine life.

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1. What is Swoon?
2. Who built it?
3. Where did the funding come from?
4. Can I place or leave my lock on the Chambers Creek Bridge?
5. When do I need to remove my lock from the bridge?
6. What if I don’t remember my lock combination, have a key, and/or don’t remove my lock by April 16?
7. What if I want to keep my lock but need help removing it?