What do volunteers say about being an ombudsman?

Our volunteers have described this opportunity as being a unique way to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Below are quotes directly from our ombudsman volunteers:

“I love empowering residents to be their own advocate.”

“To spend time with someone who may have few if any visitors feels really good.”

“The residents are so grateful for ombudsmen, it’s a win-win relationship.”

“On days when it’s really hard to be an ombudsman, because, I will not lie, sometimes we see or are involved with very difficult situations, the kindness, knowledge and support of my volunteers lifts me up.”

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1. Why become a long-term care ombudsman?
2. What do volunteers say about being an ombudsman?
3. What is required to be an ombudsman?
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5. When did the ombudsman program start?
6. Where will I serve as an ombudsman?
7. My schedule is busy. Can I still be an ombudsman?
8. I don't know much about long-term care. Can I still be an ombudsman?
9. How do I get started as a volunteer ombudsman?