Why did Pierce County purchase the building?

The 64-year-old County-City Building (CCB) has evolved through expansion and renovations to accommodate various uses over the years. It is now stretched to its maximum, even taking into consideration new virtual and hybrid programs added over the last two years because of the pandemic. Without major system and building renovations, making programmatic revisions to the building are becoming increasingly challenging while new building codes and standards require safer and more energy efficient construction.

A 2022 Justice Center and Space Planning Study analyzed the County’s 20-year growth and demand, recommending that Pierce County find a suitable building for administrative operations. This will allow programs and services not related to law and justice to leave the CCB. The CCB would then become a fully supported and centrally located Pierce County Justice Center. 

Moving administrative departments to an operations-focused building would provide an opportunity to replace outdated systems, improve operational efficiencies and boost customer service in law and justice programs through organizational adjacencies and improvements. Many of the building’s systems have reached or exceeded their life spans. The value is added by phasing in operational improvements and upgrades in a way that ensures the CCB remains a viable Pierce County asset for decades to come.

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1. What building did Pierce County purchase?
2. Why did Pierce County purchase the building?
3. How much did the County pay to purchase the building?
4. How is the County funding this purchase?
5. What benefit is this sale to Pierce County and taxpayers?
6. Which Pierce County departments will be moving to the new building?
7. Will this purchase impact any County leased spaces or employees located in other County owned/leased buildings?
8. Several years ago, the County pursued a new administrative building. What is the difference with this approach?
9. Why is this a good idea?