Why is this a good idea?

The justice activities in the CCB currently are at maximum capacity. There are several functions that currently cannot occur since there is no space. The Courts expand based on population and Pierce County is currently not meeting the needs for the courts. 

Purchasing a building saves time, money, and starts the improvements to the Justice Center on an expedited timeline. The timing of purchasing a building corresponds with a downturn in property values and retirement of existing bond debt which can be reallocated to pay for this property and necessary improvements. Additionally, this action saves between $30 million and $70 million and five years if the County were to construct a new building. This option can be funded without a tax increase or a reduction of existing services.

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1. What building did Pierce County purchase?
2. Why did Pierce County purchase the building?
3. How much did the County pay to purchase the building?
4. How is the County funding this purchase?
5. What benefit is this sale to Pierce County and taxpayers?
6. Which Pierce County departments will be moving to the new building?
7. Will this purchase impact any County leased spaces or employees located in other County owned/leased buildings?
8. Several years ago, the County pursued a new administrative building. What is the difference with this approach?
9. Why is this a good idea?