Why is the lake being treated?

Spanaway Lake is an important resource that provides many recreational, aesthetic and habitat benefits. In recent years, aquatic weed growth and harmful algal blooms have had a negative impact on the lake. In response, Pierce County worked with the community to develop an Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (IAVMP) in 2020 to help address invasive aquatic weeds. The IAVMP identified chemical treatment with herbicides as the optimal strategy for weed control. 

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1. Why is the lake being treated?
2. Which plant species are being treated?
3. Where will treatment take place?
4. What type of herbicide will be used?
5. How will the treatment be applied?
6. My shoreline has lily pads that are not on the treatment map. Is there someone I can talk to about having it added?
7. Are there any restrictions on recreation during or after treatment?
8. Is it safe to use water drawn from the lake for irrigation?
9. I have a drinking water well near the lake. Is my well water safe to drink?
10. Should I be concerned with aerosols from spraying?
11. Where can I find more information about the chemicals being used?