How often is the data updated?

The data is updated monthly. During each update, an additional month of data will be posted and any updates submitted to HMIS by homeless service providers for prior months will be corrected.

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1. What is a performance measure?
2. What is a performance target?
3. Why did the County select these measures?
4. What does the County use this information for?
5. Why are scorecards done for homeless service providers and not other providers in Human Services?
6. Are there scorecards for other departments to measure county-funded projects?
7. What does the “i” mean on the score card?
8. Why are some measures colored gray?
9. How do I interpret this information?
10. Can I download the data to review the numbers?
11. Where does this data come from?
12. How often is the data updated?
13. Can we see the targets for each measure?
14. What is the difference between not applicable and no information?