Why are we inspecting?

It’s the law. Washington State Law (RCW 19.27.110) adopted the International Fire Code, requiring local governments to enforce the Code within their jurisdictions. The Fire Code mandates periodic fire and life safety inspections of commercial type occupancies. This inspection is performed to prevent and/or limit the severity of fires. It is different from pre-incident planning surveys conducted by your local fire district, which are done to help them fight a fire should one occur.

The CIP was developed through cooperative efforts of the Pierce County Fire Chiefs’ Association, Pierce County Fire Commissioners’ Association, Pierce County Executive’s Office, Pierce County Risk Management Department, and the Pierce County Fire Prevention Bureau. Representatives of these groups met over the course of several years to develop a program that provides the best in fire prevention service with the least disruption to your business.


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1. Who will be inspected?
2. Who is doing the inspection?
3. Why are we inspecting?
4. What fire hazards are we looking for?
5. How often are these inspections done?
6. How do I find out the results?
7. What if deficiencies are found?
8. Is there a fee?
9. Permits
10. Summation