What if deficiencies are found?

If deficiencies are noted during the inspection the Fire Prevention Bureau will schedule a reinspection, allowing you adequate time to correct problems. For minor deficiencies self-reinspection may be permitted, allowing you to conduct your own reinspection and mail in the results. The reinspection schedule for correcting deficiencies is as follows: 

1st reinspection ....... 30 days *

2nd reinspection ....... 15 days *

3rd reinspection ....... **

* included in the inspection fee 

** all reinspection's after the 2nd will be scheduled and an additional charge of $110  per inspection will be assessed.

This compliance schedule may be altered if an acceptable timetable for compliance is agreed to and documented. Deficiencies will be prioritized with respect to their degree of hazard with emphasis on those items that adversely affect life safety. However, only those items that require an extended period for correction, as determined by the Fire Marshal, will be considered for a time extension. All other corrections must be completed within the time schedule listed above. If voluntary compliance cannot be obtained, the case may be referred to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office for appropriate action. 

If you disagree with our interpretation of the International Fire Code on an enforcement issue, you have the right to appeal to our decision. Information on this process will be provided upon request.


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