Our intent is to conduct this inspection with your cooperation to facilitate code enforcement. We emphasize voluntary compliance whenever possible. 

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work together with you in continuing to build a fire safe environment in Pierce County. The primary function of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to save lives and protect property from the devastation of fire. These inspections, with your cooperation, can significantly reduce the probability of fire occurring in your building. Further, a comprehensive fire inspection program can reduce fire and casualty insurance premiums by improving a fire district’s rating.

Thank you.

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1. Who will be inspected?
2. Who is doing the inspection?
3. Why are we inspecting?
4. What fire hazards are we looking for?
5. How often are these inspections done?
6. How do I find out the results?
7. What if deficiencies are found?
8. Is there a fee?
9. Permits
10. Summation