What should I do if I receive a jury summons in the mail?

You have just received your Blue Post Card and you need to respond as soon as you can. We need to know if you are planning on coming or not.  Here are 2 ways to respond:

WEB – to let us know I if you are coming or not. Log in, with your badge number and your date of birth. Go through all 4 steps. The last step has several choices. Look this page over carefully if you are needing to be excused.

Phone line – to accept only. 

If you have responded and are planning on coming, we will send you a red and white summons with your group number and parking information. You will be expected to start check our web site “Next Day Call In”  the Friday before your report date and listen for instructions for your group number. 

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2. What should I do if I receive a jury summons in the mail?
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