I am a victim. I want to drop the charges and see the Judge. What do I do?
You may contact the Victim-Witness Unit of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office Room 946 in the County-City building and speak with the Victim's Advocate who is assigned to your case. You may also call (253) 798-7400.

The Victim-Witness Unit
Upholding the rights of victims is a top priority for the Prosecutor's Office. Victims and witnesses of crimes committed in Pierce County can contact the Victim Witness Assistance program for help. Victim-Witness staff provides the following services to thousands of victims every year:

• Written notification of charges, scheduled court dates and victims rights.
• Assistance in completing a Victim Impact Statement.
• Referrals to local social service agencies and programs.
• Accompaniment to court hearings and/or interviews related to the case.
• Assistance in applying for Crime Victims Compensation.
• Requests for restitution for financial loss incurred as a result of the crime.
• Release of property that has been held as evidence, at conclusion of case.

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9. I am a victim. I want to drop the charges and see the Judge. What do I do?
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