What is DAC and where are they located?
DAC stands for Department of Assigned Counsel. A DAC attorney is present in Superior Court at arraignments to represent all felony defendants appearing without a private attorney. In-custody felony defendants are screened for DAC eligibility by Pre-Trial services prior to their arraignment. Defendants summoned for arraignment are screened for DAC eligibility in the courtroom on the day of their arraignment. The files of the defendants determined to be eligible for DAC representation are brought to the DAC offices for processing and attorney assignment. If a defendant is ineligible for DAC representation, the court will set a 'return with attorney' hearing to allow the defendant time to retain his/her own attorney. The defendant and his/her attorney must then return for the hearing to advise the court. If a defendant has been unable to retain an attorney, the defendant must return on the hearing date and advise the court as to the reasons why he/she has been unable to retain an attorney.
The court may then set another return with attorney hearing to allow the defendant more time to retain an attorney, or the court may appoint DAC to represent a defendant through the remaining Superior Court proceedings
Department of Assigned Counsel - 949 Market Street, Suite 334. You can reach them at (253) 798-6062

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