What kinds of work do maintenance and operations staff perform?

Sewer and traffic maintenance and operations (M&O) staff are service-oriented and work in the field to maintain Pierce County infrastructure.

Sewer M&O staff do emergency repairs, line cleaning, smoke testing, and other types of ongoing maintenance on sewer pipes and pump stations.

Traffic M&O staff keep traffic signals and street lights operating properly, maintain street signs, and ensure lane striping and other pavement markings are visible and helpful to drivers.

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1. What is the Sewer and Traffic Operations Facility?
2. What kinds of work do maintenance and operations staff perform?
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5. Will the facility include sustainable design features?
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9. Will traffic be affected on 94th Avenue E during construction?
10. How noisy will construction of the facility be?
11. How will vehicles access the new facility?
12. What are the hours of operation for the facility?
13. I live near the site. What will I be able to see from my house or backyard?
14. How noisy will the facility be when it is in operation?