What other amenities will the facility provide?

As part of the design, a public access trail will be built connecting Pipeline Road to 126th Street E. This connecting trail is an important piece of the Heritage Trail system and will meet state objectives in Pierce County's Parks Master Plan for trail connectivity. This facility will not include trail head parking or public restrooms at this time, although it will reserve land for these future facilities.

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1. What is the Sewer and Traffic Operations Facility?
2. What kinds of work do maintenance and operations staff perform?
3. Why does the county need a new facility to house sewer and traffic M&O staff?
4. Where will the new facility be built?
5. Will the facility include sustainable design features?
6. How large is the new facility?
7. How many county employees will work at the new facility?
8. What other amenities will the facility provide?
9. Will traffic be affected on 94th Avenue E during construction?
10. How noisy will construction of the facility be?
11. How will vehicles access the new facility?
12. What are the hours of operation for the facility?
13. I live near the site. What will I be able to see from my house or backyard?
14. How noisy will the facility be when it is in operation?