What is the purpose of the critical area requirements?
Critical areas requirements implement the goals and policies of the Washington State Environmental Policy Act, the Washington State Growth Management Act and the Pierce County Critical Areas Ordinance, all of which call for the protection of the natural environment and public health, safety and welfare through protection of environmentally critical areas.

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1. What is a critical area?
2. Is it still a wetland if it only has water in it in the spring?
3. How big is the buffer on my wetland or stream?
4. I've heard I can reduce the buffer to fit my proposal. Is this true?
5. Are Bald Eagles still protected?
6. Can I still build on my parcel?
7. Why do we care about protecting fish and wildlife?
8. How can I find out if there are Wetland or Fish and Wildlife Critical Areas on my property?
9. What is the purpose of the critical area requirements?
10. Where can I find out about Pierce County's Critical Areas Ordinance?
11. Why do I have to pay such high taxes on my property when it is mostly fish and wildlife habitat area?