Can I visit a youth in detention if I am not the youth’s parent?
The visitation policy allows parents/guardians and clergy to visit during regular visitation hours. There are times in which extenuating circumstances are considered and exceptions are made to the visitation policy. If a youth’s parents are unable to visit their child, alternative resources may be considered in order to provide support to the detained youth. Speak with the youth’s assigned probation officer if you have questions about visitation exceptions. In order for an exception to be made, the Probation Officer must have the special visitation request approved by their supervisor, AND it must also be approved by a Detention Supervisor.

Note: Parents are encouraged to find childcare for the youth’s siblings, however if this is not possible, a youth’s sibling(s) that are age 6 and under are allowed to visit. Special arrangements may be made for counselors or therapists to visit youth for the purpose of doing therapy.

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