How does my child get into Chemical Dependency Disposition Alternative (CDDA) ?
A probation officer can refer youth to the CDDA treatment provider for substance abuse assessment during pre-trial or following a probation violation.
• You will be contacted by one of our counselors to schedule the assessment appointment.
• When the assessment is completed your child’s eligibility for CDDA will be determined.
• Youth must be substance-dependent or substance-abusing with suspect for dependence to enter CDDA Intensive Outpatient Treatment.
• The youth’s case is then staffed with probation to determine if the CDDA program is appropriate for the youth and family. Considerations include:
- Does the youth have parent or guardian support.
- Is transportation a barrier?
- Is there motivation from youth and/or family to participate?
- Is substance use a primary risk factor and/or were drugs or use involved in committing the charged crime.
• At staffing the length of stay for the youth’s participation is determined.
• The youth and family are informed about the staffing decision and prepared, by probation, to transition into the CDDA program.
• At sentencing the youth and family meet with a CDDA counselor who completes orientation and answers any questions they may have about the program.
• The judge will then sentence the youth to CDDA for a minimum of six months up to one year.

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1. How does my child get into Chemical Dependency Disposition Alternative (CDDA) ?
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