What will happen at arraignment?
On the day of the hearing, the youth will plead "not guilty" to the offense and the court will make a decision whether the youth will be detained or released back into the community with conditions. The probation officer will make a recommendation to the court regarding release or detention. A probation officer will attempt to contact the youth prior the court date to prepare. Because allegations of sexual offenses are serious, the release conditions in such cases are very strict. The following are a list of conditions that are likely to be imposed:

- Reside only at the address designated by the court
- Must be supervised at all times by supervisors approved by the court (i.e., parents or other adults authorized by the court and probation)
- Travel is restricted to Pierce, King, Kitsap, and Thurston Counties
- Remain at home in the company of an approved adult (exceptions will be made for school and line-of-sight supervision by a court approved adult)
- Obey rules of parent/supervising adult
- Maintain contact with the assigned probation officer. The probation officer will provide youth with a specific day to call and check in.
- Attend school or place of employment without absences and maintain best effort.
- No violations of any criminal laws
- No contact with the alleged victim(s), witness(es), co-defendant(s). This includes contact through electronic means or third parties.
- Will not be allowed to reside with any victim.
- Cannot possess guns, firearms, ammunition, or other weapons.
- No unsupervised contact with children who are more than 24 months younger than the youth. The youth will not be allowed to share a bedroom with younger siblings. Placement of an alarm on a youth's bedroom door will also be required.
- No unsupervised internet activity. If internet access is needed, a parent must be view the screen with the youth.
- Cannot possess electronics that access the internet.

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