What happens if I am placed on SSODA probation?
Instead of being sent to serve a sentence at the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA), the court places you on two years of specialized probation where sex offender treatment is the focus. You are given this opportunity based on your sex offender evaluation recommendations, assessed risk level, compliance with pre-trial conditions, family support and your willingness to participate in the treatment program and follow SSODA conditions. This requires, but not limited to, the following:

- Full participation in adolescent sex offender treatment
- No further law violations
- Periodic polygraph tests to measure compliance with probation
- No possession of pornographic material
- Regular attendance and acceptable behavior at school
- Follow the supervision plan devised by your probation officer and therapist
- Complete HIV testing and registration requirements

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1. What happens if I am placed on SSODA probation?
2. What will happen at arraignment?
3. Will my school be contacted?
4. How will being placed on SSODA probation affect the any extracurricular activities in which I am involved?