What are type of matters are heard in Ex Parte?

Agreed orders already signed by both parties. Ex Parte Restraining Family Law emergency orders with contested issues that would cause irreparable damage if the order is not signed immediately. (The Declaration must detail the notice provided to the other party—if no notice is given, the court may reschedule the ex parte hearing to allow notice to the other party/attorney, or may waive notice if court rules and statutory requirements are met). If the hearing will last ten (10) minutes or more, Ex Parte may assign the matter to another courtroom as follows: a) Contested Family Law matters may be assigned to one of the Commissioners sitting in Civil Division A, B or C; b) Non Family Law matters that do not request injunctive relief maybe assigned to the Commissioner in Civil Division A. Admitting Wills to Probate (must have verified petition with evidence of estate solvency and the birth date of proposed personal representative). Orders of default which do not require notice to the opposing party. Default Judgments Finalization of Dissolutions of Marriage, Invalidity of Marriage and Legal Separations presented by attorneys (self-represented parties must schedule finalization of these matters on the Self-Represented/ Pro Se Friday morning dockets). Appointment of Guardian ad Litem in RCW 26.09 and 26.10 matters after the full retainer has been paid and proof of payment is provided to the court. Appointment of Guardian ad Litem in guardianship matters (public and private pay cases). Orders to shorten time/exceed cap for a hearing before a Superior Court Commissioner. Emergency orders restraining relocation pursuant to RCW 26.09.510. Motions to stay issuance of writs of restitution Orders to show cause for any matters heard by Commissioners. Filing fee waivers.

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