Who is my attorney?
If you or your juvenile qualify for assigned counsel, an attorney will be appointed to represent you for your current court case only. You can find out the name of the attorney appointed to your case, by either contacting the DAC offices at 253 798-6062, or if the case is a non-confidential Superior Court criminal case, this information can be accessed online through our Legal Information Exchange (LINX) application. In either circumstance, please be prepared with your case number, date and time of your next court appearance, and the courtroom number you are scheduled to appear in.

Remember, you / your juvenile must appear in court on the next scheduled court date whether or not there has been contact with an assigned attorney. Failure to appear may result in a bench warrant being issued for you or your juvenile’s arrest.Legal Information Network Exchange (LINX)

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1. Who is my attorney?
2. How do I contact my attorney?
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